Command-line សំខាន់ៗរបស់ Ubuntu

ls – list contents of a directory
sudo – “super-user do” (grants administrator rights)
cd – change directory
aptitude – APT package management system (update, install, remove, search)
clear – clear screen
chmod – change file access permissions
chown – change file and group ownership
cp – copy
mv – move
rm – remove
cat – concatenate files (dump to screen)
nano – basic text editor
vi – advanced text editor
fdisk – partition table manipulator
df – disk free (remaining / used disk space)
users – users currently logged in
useradd – add a user
usermod – modify existing user
uname – show system data (try uname -a)
mount – mount a file system, cd or removable drive
umount – un-mount a file system, cd or removable drive
top – show current running processes
touch – create new, empty, file
reboot – reboot your system
shutdown – shutdown your system
passwd – change user password
ping – ping a network device or location (ping
more – show output one screen at a time
exit – logout of the terminal
eject – eject a cdrom or removable device
gksu nautilus – login to root